The All-New 2015 Corvette ZO6

Some of you may remember a few months ago at the 2014 Detroit Auto Show the introduction of the all-new 2015 Corvette ZO6. In case you missed it, the buzz around this all-new Corvette was about the power packed under the hood. And in fact the 2015 ZO6 is the most powerful production car that General Motors has ever produced. What kind of power are we talking about? This American made supercar will be one of just a few production cars available that are capable of producing more than 600 horsepower and has actually been SAE-certified to produce an astonishing 650 hp and an equally impressive 650 pound-feet of torque.

You may be trying to run the numbers in your head to figure out just who can compare to this beast, and just to give you an idea of the magnitude of power this ZO6 is packing it is only bested by the following foreign supercars: the Ferrari LaFerrari, the Lamborghini Aventador, the McLaren P1, the Ferrari FF and the Porsche 918 Spyder. Not a bad crowd to be running with.

Keep an eye out for the 2015 Corvette ZO6 to hit showroom floors beginning early next year. In the mean time you can come by Coleman Motors and pre-order yours today, or if you just can’t wait take the precursor to the 2015 ZO6, the 2014 Corvette Stingray out for a test drive. We look forward to meeting you, so come by Coleman Motors in New Boston TX and let us help you get your hands on the power that you deserve.

The 2015 Chevrolet Impala four-cylinder now comes with standard stop-start feature

It’s new and it’s here – the new 2015 Chevrolet Impala with the stop-start feature on all base models.

2015 Chevrolet impala

For the first time the new 2015 Impala with the 2.5-liter Ecotec four-cylinder engine will come with the new stop-start technology feature. This new stop-start technology is credited for the improvement of the vehicle’s city fuel economy by nearly 5 percent, or one mile per gallon, giving the Impala an EPA estimated fuel economy of 22 mpg city/31 mpg highway/25 mpg combined.

What is the Stop-Start technology?

The Stop-Start technology is an addition to the 2015 Impala, Chevrolet’s second vehicle to feature the new technology, which allows the engine to shut down in certain conditions to reduce fuel consumption. The engineers developed the Stop-Start technology based off of the experiences with the GM eAssist system and the accompanying algorithms that allow engines to engage and disengage subtly.

How does Stop-Start Work?

The software works by calculating the speed at which the car is traveling and prevents the system from engaging if the car has not reached a speed of six miles per hour, good news for those of you who feel like you live in constant traffic jams. It can also initiate the starter even if the engine has not come to a full stop, quickening the reaction time for instances which Chevrolet refers to as “change-of-mind events. These “change-of-mind events” were a challenge for the engineers working on the Stop-Start feature, in these instances a driver will begin to stop, but then change their mind and quickly accelerate. The algorithms of the Start-Stop have been designed to handle these situations and adapt the system so the starter can fire even if the engine did not fully shut off.  The system also takes into consideration the cabin temperature, humidity, battery charger as well as other factors when calculating whether the engine should come to a stop or not.

The 2015 Chevrolet Impala will be appearing on showroom floors this summer and to get ahead of the game come in to Coleman Motors and reserve your 2015 Impala today. Whether your interest has been piqued by the Stop-Start function of the new Impala or maybe you’re in the market for a pre-owned vehicle, Coleman Motors has a large selection of new, used and certified used cars, trucks and SUV’s for you to choose from. If you are in the Texarkana area, come by Coleman Motors conveniently located at 510 Addison St in New Boston, TX and let us help you find the perfect vehicle.

Spoiler Alert! Chevrolet Teams Up with Marvel and Captain America in the New Epic Adventure ‘The Winter Soldier’

To shield you from any of the big action scenes (get it? S.H.I.E.L.D?) that take place in the newest Captain America: “The Winter Soldier” movie, we won’t go into too much detail about the scenes where Chevrolet’s newest line ups are featured. We will say this: you will be seriously impressed by some of the safety features added to this heroic line up of 2015 models.

The movie begins with Steve Rogers, aka Captain America, adjusting to the 20th century. While he is out for a jog in front of the capital, Natasha Romanov, aka Black Widow, picks him up in her super sleek, super sexy 2015 black-on-black Corvette Stingray. It may not be so ‘low profile,’ but it sure does the job. Other 2015 Chevrolet appearances feature the new redesigned Tahoe SUV with some safety add-ons that even the ‘Beast,’ the presidential limo, would be jealous of. Other stars driving on to the silver screen are the 2015 Silverado and Impala Sedan. As part of the cross-promotional campaign, the 2014 Traverse is also getting a little help from the captain. The video above is a reenactment of ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’ that features an all-child cast, which is spot on with the movie with the Traverse making its appearance at the end.

If you want to drive around like the heroes from Captain America, Coleman Chevrolet is the place to go. Located in New Boston, TX we have it all. Maybe the spy in you is looking for a super sleek Corvette Stingray. Come over and take it for a test drive. We also have the 2015 Tahoe, 2015 Silverado, 2014 Impala sedan and the 2014 Traverse. (Keep in mind to not attempt any of the stunts performed in the movie. Our vehicles are awesome, but we do not sell our vehicles with Hollywood stunt capabilities.) We also have a large selection of certified used and pre-owned cars, trucks and SUVs. Be sure you do not miss any of the great events or specials we have at Coleman Chevrolet, FOLLOW US on Twitter and LIKE US on Facebook!

30 years later and better than ever – 1957 Chevy returned to owner in better shape than when it was stolen.

For those of you who understand how awful it is to have your car stolen and the process it takes to get it back will appreciate this story. Having a car stolen once is bad enough, but having it stolen twice and returned is just unheard of. But that is exactly what happened to Ian “Skip” Wilson’s 1957 Chevy Bel Air. The twist on this story is he got the classic returned the second time completely restored.

In 1975, Wilson bought the Classic Chevy for the bargain price of just $375 with the intention of restoring it to its former glory. Come 1983, and although the car was not ready for competition, Wilson had put a ‘fair amount of work’ into the old Bel Air when it was stolen the first time. When it was finally recovered, it was worse than before now missing not just the engine but the transmission as well. A few months later and the thieves were back. Luckily, Wilson had not gotten around to replacing the stolen parts.

Skip Wilson with 57' Chevy Bel Air

30 years, 4 owners, and 1 new looking Chevy Bel Air

They say time heals all wounds, but after 30 years you stop believing that you will ever see the car again. However, Wilson must be a lucky man. After 30 years and 4 owners authorities found his baby before it was to be shipped to its 5th owner in Australia. As unbelievable as it is that the car was returned to its owner a second time, what’s truly unbelievable is the car had been completely restored! The last time Wilson saw his classic Chevy it was missing both the engine and the transmission, but now not only did it have a brand new 350 horsepower V8 engine with a Holley four-barrel carburetor, it had a new competition orange paint job, custom chrome and monogrammed leather interior, 17-inch racing wheels and an odometer that read only 9 miles. 30 years and better than ever!1957 Bel air

“Somebody put a whole lot of work and money into that car,” the 65-year-old auto mechanic from Clearlake Oaks told the Santa Rosa Press Democrat. “It was all disassembled and put back.” Custom restoration like the one the Bel Air saw normally would run a person thousands of dollars, however, all Wilson had to pay was 30 years plus an additional $900 in hauling fees to get it home. “I’ll never drive this car unless it’s a beautiful sunny day,” he said. “It’s just unbelievable.”

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Rob Dyrdek Takes the Chevy Sonic for a Spin, in the Air


Rob Dyrdek found his claim to fame in the dare-devilish world of professional skateboarding. He was a young success story and even founded his own skate company at the age of 16, called Alien Workshop. Now, he continues to remain in the spotlight through his appearances on a number of reality television shows. Dyrdek’s first show, Rob & Big, debuted in 2006 and featured Dyrdek and his best friend/bodyguard, Christopher Boykin. His next and one of his current series is Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory, in which Dyrdek and company play around in a renovated warehouse performing extreme stunts, etc. Rob also appears on the show Ridiculousness, in which he comments on ‘ridiculous’ YouTube Videos that mostly involve extreme stunts gone wrong. At this point, you are probably curious as to what Rob Dyrdek could possibly have to do with a Chevrolet dealership. Well, it just happens that this very person recently set the world record for the world’s longest reverse ramp jump in a car, and he did it in a Chevrolet Sonic. 

The New World Record

 Rob Dyrdek's Chevy Sonic

Rob Dyrdek crushed the record for “Farthest Reverse Ramp Jump for a Car” when he sailed 89 feet, 3 and ¼ inches through the air in a roaring Chevrolet Sonic.  However, this is not the first time Dyrdek has used a Chevy Sonic to achieve record-breaking feats. He performed a ‘360-degree kick flip’ coming off a ramp in a Chevrolet Sonic.  “The Sonic is a great car for firsts,” said Dyrdek. “I have always been a Chevy guy, so when we decided we wanted to set a Guinness World Record for the finale of Fantasy Factory, using the Sonic again just made sense.” The stunt itself actually took place at Six Flags Magic Mountain in front of a live audience.  However, you can rest assured that all parties went to great lengths to keep everyone safe.  “We take extra care and precautions with each and every stunt we create,” said Elia Popov, owner, J.E.M. F/X Inc. “Rob is always willing to try anything once, and for this backwards jump we felt confident that the Sonic would keep him safe.”

The 2014 Chevy Sonic Hatchback

Chevy Sonic

Thanks to Dyrdek and his fearlessness, we have seen just what the Sonic is capable of, but we wanted to make sure you were also aware of what makes the Sonic the car it is. The subcompact Sonic is one of the latest additions to the Chevy lineup and is available in both a hatchback and sedan version. The hatchback, like the one seen in the stunt, offers an impressive estimated EPA fuel economy of 40 mpg highway from its 1.4-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine. In a world where it is important, automakers are doing all they can to help keep their customers safe. The Sonic is another in the long list of Chevrolet vehicles to earn a Five Star Safety rating. While the Sonic may be small, it has a big personality and can definitely run with the big dogs. We look forward to watching the Sonic take charge of its rightful place in the Chevrolet lineup now and in the future.

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Meet Chevrolet’s Off-Road, High-Performance Beast, the 2014 Reaper

2014 Chevrolet Reaper

The Chevrolet Silverado has had an impressive year. After taking home 2014 Truck of the Year, one may think that would draw enough attention, but Chevrolet was not done yet. Waiting in the wings was a high-performance, off-road ready Silverado like no other, the 2014 Chevrolet Reaper. Through a joint venture with Lingenfelter Performance and Southern Comfort Automotive, Chevrolet unveiled a mean, all-terrain truck with enough power to get you through just about anything. The final product is a tough-looking, high-performance off-road truck that is sure to give the competition a run for its money. The 2014 Chevrolet Reaper is not for the faint of heart, but for the true performance off-roader, this truck is a must have.

The 2014 Chevrolet Reaper makes its debut

For a while now, loyal Chevrolet fans have been wishing and waiting for their turn to tackle sand dunes of the desert in a truck that takes on the world, and finally, the Chevrolet Reaper has made its grand entrance. “We designed the Reaper to fill a void in the market for Chevy enthusiasts seeking a stand-out, supercharged off-road vehicle with head-turning curb appeal,” said Matt McSweeney, President of Southern Comfort Automotive.


Impressed yet? There is more than meets the eye for the Reaper

The Chevrolet Silverado was already an impressive truck to begin with. After all, they do not just hand out the Truck of the Year award for being average. Take an already great truck and add the creativity of Lingenfelter and Southern Comfort Automotive and you get something that is just beyond impressive. By combining Lingenfelter’s decades of engine-tuning expertise and Southern Comfort Automotive’s 35 plus years of vehicle customization, the product is a truck that is powerful and capable both on and off road. Not only that, but it has an unstoppable, aggressive high-profile design that is sure to intimidate.

The Reaper has plenty of power to intimidate

Chevrolet Reaper

It is not just the custom body styling that is impressive on this beast, it is the increase in power that will grab your attention as well. The 2014 Reaper will base its performance on the two already powerful engines the Silverado is available with, a 5.3-liter V8 or the larger 6.2-liter V8. The power comes from the addition of a Magnuson TSV 1900 Supercharger that boosts the 5.3-liter to around 475 horsepower and the 6.2-liter up to a ground pounding 550 horsepower. Both will also receive the addition of a high-performance Corsa exhaust system. In addition to the increase in power, the Reaper will increase in height by three inches, which allows for more wheel travel, Fox racing performance shocks and General Grabber truck tires mounted on 20-inch Reaper wheels.

Customize your Reaper even more

2014 Reaper

Now if that does not get you motivated to start shopping for a new Silverado to add the Reaper Conversion Kit to, more additions that are available just might have you doing some online shopping today. Additional modifications to the exterior help take this truck from on-road to off-road by adding a custom hood and grille assembly, high-clearance bumper, wide-body fender flares and a wheel-to-wheel rock guard with removable side steps. It does not stop there though! The pros at Lingenfelter and Southern Comfort know the off-roader, and they know that the dark of night is no reason to take your truck and go home. They have equipped the Reaper up with its very own custom lighting kit that includes integrated LED driving lights, side front fender marker lights and an integrated off-road flood light system. The Reaper can truly take you anywhere, anytime with style and power.

“Off-road enthusiasts can count on Lingenfelter to deliver the rugged, super-charged, high-end pickup package they crave, and this new Reaper is that and more,” said Mike Copeland, Vice President and General Manager, Lingenfelter Performance Engineering. “With Southern Comfort Automotive’s restyling and graphics expertise, the performance-tuned Reaper is expected to dominate in the custom-designed luxury pickup class.”

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Chevrolet Supports the Military Community with Savings

cadillac tank plantThe Chevrolet brand was founded in Detroit in 1911 by racer Louis Chevrolet and General Motors founder William C. Durant. Working together, they developed vehicles that quickly earned a reputation for performance, durability and value. For more than 100 years, Chevrolet has made performance affordable. Being one of the largest selling brands has pushed Chevy beyond other companies by creating a wide variety of vehicles, ranging from trucks to electric vehicles.  Moving into this century, Chevrolet plans to continue its global presence with iconic style and quality vehicles. Known as a brand that cares about the community, Chevy commits to excellence by maintaining strong ties with its consumer. GM’s diversity made it an asset during many conflicts, including World Wars where many of its resources and employees were moved from building cars to building military vehicles. One notable contribution to providing military transportation was the Cadillac Tank plant in Ohio. The building still stands today nearby the current GM manufacturing plant as a reminder of GM’s commitment to its communities and the country as a whole. GM and Chevrolet want to thank our military members for their service by expanding their special military discounts available on the purchase or lease of a new Chevrolet car, truck, crossover or SUV.

GM Expands Chevrolet Military Discount

chevrolet military discountAs part of the GM family, Coleman Chevrolet wants to let military members and veterans know the great news we have to share. The military discount just got better and this new discount means greater savings for you. Now, we are allowing you to combine it with the most current incentives and we have increased the discount on every eligible vehicle. Bonus cash, consumer cash and trade-in allowances can also now be used all together. To top it off, you will also get the security of the 2-year/24,000 mile scheduled maintenance program available on all new 2014 Chevrolet models. If you are an USAA member, you receive an additional $750 private offer.  If you are an active duty, reserves, veteran within one year of discharge or a retiree of the U.S. military, you are eligible for this discount, spouses included. Our vehicles range from the Camaro coupe to the electric Volt, however, the Corvette Stingray is not available through this program. Discounts are offered on all other passenger vehicle models and you can enjoy different savings based on the vehicle you choose.

Coleman Chevrolet wants to say thank you to all of our military members, both active and retired and we appreciate your dedication and service. To find out more about how you can apply, please visit the special Chevrolet Military Discount page or call us at 888-687-3947.

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Chevrolet Shows off Unique Silverado Concepts

1914 royal mailOver the past 100 years, Chevrolet has created hundreds of different cars and trucks. Chevrolet is a company known for its passion, not just for its cars, but its fans and collectors as well. There is an iconic spirit and style that has defined Chevrolet since it began. Starting in 1914, Chevrolet was founded with the first car, the “Royal Mail” roadster. Since then, Chevrolet has created a variety of vehicles from subcompact fuel-savers like the Spark to full-size SUVs like the Suburban. This imaginative brand has brought to life some of the most sporty and stylish vehicles known around the world. For those who have an affinity for the Chevrolet Silverado, two new concepts are sure to grab your attention.

Silverado pays homage to video game heroes and real heroes

2015 black ops silverado

With the introduction of its new 2015 Silverado HD out of the way, Chevy unveiled two concept trucks to add to the excitement at the Texas State Fair, the Silverado Black Ops and the Silverado Z71 Volunteer Firefighter concepts. The State Fair of Texas was an ideal time to unveil these trucks, as Texans are some of the largest 2015 volunteer firefighter silveradoconsumers of pickup trucks in the country. The Firefighter concept was designed as a tribute to volunteer firefighters, while the Black Ops concept seems more like a zombie apocalypse truck with a bed filled with survival gear… including Twinkies and Ramen noodles. The firefighter concept truck is the new Silverado Double Cab equipped with the Z71 Off-Road suspension package while the Black Ops concept is based on the Silverado Crew Cab 4×4. Both trucks build on strength, performance and safety with features designed to fit each unique idea behind the concept.

So what about the regular 2015 Silverado?

2015 silveradoAs with all 2015 Silverado 1500 models, a fully boxed, hydro formed frame is the foundation for the Black Ops and Volunteer Firefighter concept’s strength and capability, with the main rails and major cross members formed from high-strength steel, providing a rigid base for maximum hauling capability. The updated look of the Silverado both inside and out makes it not only tough and ready to work, but comfortable and fun to drive. With a variety of trims and variations available, you can find anything from the ideal work truck, the weekend warrior or a luxurious daily driver.

Come test drive a Silverado at Coleman Chevrolet

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Coleman Chevrolet has a great selection of Chevrolet cars, trucks and SUVs including the new 2014 Silverado. We invite you to come take one for a test drive at 510 Addison Street in New Boston. If you are in the market for a car or SUV, we also have a great selection of new 2013 and 2014 models to choose from. While you will not find any concept vehicles at Coleman Chevrolet, you will find great new and used vehicles at great prices. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Nebraska Auto Auction Lets Chevy Enthusiasts Travel Back in Time

vintage lambrecht trucksFor thousands of car enthusiasts, all roads led to the small town of Pierce, Nebraska the last weekend of September where the mileage was low, and the bidding was high. The little town of 1,800 was turned into a vintage-car collector’s dreamland as the inventory of a local Chevrolet dealership, closed for over 17 years, auctioned off more than 500 vintage cars and trucks. Lambrecht Chevrolet was the only Chevrolet dealer in this small town, and its reputation certainly preceded itself. People came from all over Nebraska and even other states to take advantage of Lambrecht’s no-haggle policy. Dealers in states as far away as Virginia would turn away customers who came to them looking to beat a Lambrecht price at the time. Now in his 90s and in poor health, the collection of new, never sold and low mileage trade-ins he had hidden away for in some cases, over 50 years, was now available for sale. With everyone wanting to own a piece of this historic event, emotions ran high and so did the prices, but Lambrecht will always be an icon in Chevrolet history.

Lambrecht Chevrolet’s history

ray lambrecht

After returning home from World War II in 1946, Ray Lambrecht and his bride Mildred opened Lambrecht Chevrolet in the little Northeastern town of Pierce, Nebraska with only one other employee. 50 years later Ray and his wife decided to retire, and in 1996 they closed the doors and walked away leaving behind an impressive collection of vintage (mostly Chevy) cars and trucks from the 1950s, 60s, and 70’s. “It is amazing, you know he just went home. Just decided today’s the day I’m going to retire and locked the doors and everything was left just as it was.” said auto auctioneer Yvette Vanderbrink. Many of the cars were trade-in’s, however, about 50 of the vehicles had been left frozen in time, having never been titled, even retaining the original plastic on the seats. Many with fewer than 20 miles on the odometer. “These are his children, these are his babies,” said VanDerBrink. “And he wouldn’t let anybody have any of it. It was his, kind of his legacy, and now he’s decided to turn ’em loose and offer them to collectors.” While there are many rumors circulating about why Ray Lambrecht amassed the collection, the only truth is he is not telling anyone. Whether eccentricity or just wanting to collect cars, Ray Lambrect left a legacy and truly stood for everything Chevrolet does.

The main event for vintage car collectors

vintage lambrecht carsEvent organizers estimated 10,000 visitors from as far away as Norway and Brazil were in attendance to witness the auction of Lambrecht’s legacy. By mid-day Saturday, six of the most valuable models had been sold for a combined total of $545,000.  The first vehicle sold – a sky-blue, 1958 Chevy Cameo pickup with not even a mile and a half on the odometer (likely the lowest-mileage cameo in existence)- sold for an impressive $140,000. Other cars auctioned included a red-and-white 1963 Impala that sold for $97,500 – well above the $3,254.70 suggested retail price that is still visible on its original window sticker, and a 1978 black and silver with red stripes Chevrolet Indy Pace Car Corvette with just five miles on the odometer went for $80,000, just to name a few. Overall, Lambrecht’s collection brought in over $3 million by the end of the auction. One lucky man even got the chance to buy back his 1957 Chevrolet he traded in so many years ago. Unfortunately, some of the “new” vintage classics had damage due to a roof collapse in the storage building they were in, but they still garnered high bids. The proceeds of the auction will go to the Lambrecht family and their mounting medical bills.

Where to get your future classic

If you are in the market for a future classic Chevy, Coleman Chevrolet can help you find the one that makes you happy. We have a great staff of friendly faces that will make it their job to see you leave with a smile on your face. We invite you to come check out our great selection of new, Chevrolet certified pre-owned, and used cars, trucks, and SUV’s for you to choose from. Visit us today at 510 Addison Street in New Boston, Texas and let us help you put a smile on your face and a new set of keys in your hand.

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